Wondering what you can do to help protect Nova Scotia's coastal ecosystems? Here are a few ways to get started.

Write or call your MLA federal MP candidate

The provincial election is on. We've developed a one-stop shop for you to get in touch with the political candidates in your riding. If they don't have a plan to get net-pens out of the water, they won't get our vote!

Join a stewardship group

There are Bay Protectors all across Nova Scotia. Go to our Membership page to find your local stewardship group and start making a difference today.

Volunteer your time

We are always looking for volunteers with skillsets of all kinds. Please get in touch to learn more about volunteer work with the Healthy Bays Network that will best suit you!

Get a sign

We have signs! The say, "Say NO to open net-pens". There are lots available for you and your neighbours. We can deliver to most of Nova Scotia!

Make a donation

Your contribution goes a long way. Head to our GoFundMe page to make a donation. We are so grateful!

Contact your council

Your local government has an important role to play in protecting our bays. The Government of Nova Scotia developed the aquaculture expansion plans in place today under the auspices of employment opportunity in small, coastal communities. Let your council know that open net-pen salmon farms are not welcome in our bays.

Get the word out

We need to make sure that aquaculture is an important ballot issue in the next provincial election. Help us spread the word! Beyond friends and family who care, most of our member organizations have a variety of social media tools to put you in touch with a wider audience.

Write to Premier Houston

In Nova Scotia, the buck stops with our provincial leadership when it comes to open net-pen aquaculture. Tell Premier Houston that salmon cages and pollutive industry are not part of the green and prosperous future that his government has promised. 

Write, call your MLA 

We need the support of Nova Scotian lawmakers to ensure a transition away from open net-pen salmon farming. Get on the phone and remind your local MLA that this issue is important to you and your neighbours. 



If you'd like to write your own letter, we've listed the contact information (where available) for provincial candidates in ridings where open net-pens already operate, or have been proposed. Find candidates for your riding below. 


LIBERAL: Carman Kerr

e: carmankerrannapolis@gmail.com

t: (902) 840-3202


PC: Danielle Barkhouse

e: dbarkhouse76@gmail.com



PC: Jill Balser

e: jillbalserpc2021@gmail.com

t: (902) 308-1992


PC: Greg Morrow

e: gregmorrow4gt@gmail.com

t: (902) 631-3727


PC: Becky Druhan

e: beckydruhan@gmail.com

t: (902) 553-0335


PC: Trevor Boudreau

e: winrichmond2021@gmail.com

t: 902-631-5425


LIBERAL: Iain Rankin

e: info@iainrankin.ca

t: (902) 424-8637


To see all elected MLAs across Nova Scotia, visit the Legislature's website.


PC: Colton LeBlanc

e: colton4argyle@gmail.com

t: (902) 307-5228


LIBERAL: Ronnie Leblanc

e: info@teamronnieleblanc.ca

t: (902) 769-7230


PC: Kent Smith

e: campaign@kentsmith.ca

t: (902) 989-3772


PC: Susan Corkum-Greek

e: susan@electsusan.ca

t: 902-904-2698


PC: Kim Masland

e: kim.maslandmla@gmail.com



PC: Nolan Young


t: (902) 875-7502


LIBERAL: Zach Churchill

e: ca@zachchurchill.com

t: (902) 742-4444

Quick tips for writing your own letter

The best personal letters are usually short, and have a few common elements, including:

  1. Contact info: with your contact info attached, your candidates will know who you are and that you are a member of their riding. Their job is to answer to you if elected.

  2. Personalization: when you speak with your own voice and reference your own experience, your candidates will see that this is a personal issue for you, and that you are not just writing because Aunt Gloria asked you to.

  3. Brevity: a shorter letter that's straight to-the-point is more likely to be read in its entirety, and more likely to resonate with your candidates. Sometimes it really is as simple as saying, "NO MORE NET-PENS, thank you very much."

  4. Respect: it is very tempting to cuss loudly about salmon farms. We are right there with you. But it's probably better for everyone if we avoid that in the letter.