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For the past year, the Healthy Bays Network team has been travelling to coastal communities all across Nova Scotia to talk to residents about what life is like near open net-pen salmon farms. We've pulled together a series of interviews with passionate folks who care deeply about their home bays, and who want to share their story. We're proud to bring those stories to you, in hopes that you'll join us in TAKING ACTION to see salmon farms–and all of the social and environmental problems they cause–out of Nova Scotian waters for good.


Solidarity and an open invitation

Do these stories resonate with you? Do you have a similar experience you'd like to share? Clearly, you're not alone, and we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us if you'd like to share your story or join our effort in some other way. 

Bay Postcard teasers

Below, you'll find bite-sized, thirty-second versions of our "Postcards from the Bay" series. Perfect for sharing on social media channels and getting the word out to a wider audience.

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