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Strong opposition shown at Cooke Open House

The Healthy Bays Network organized a rally and candidates meeting yesterday in Blandford, NS outside of the fire hall. Scores of people came out over the course of the rally to hear the positions of the candidates for Chester-St. Margaret's and voice their opposition to Open Net Pen Fish Farms. Meanwhile inside the fire hall Cooke Aquaculture and their subsidiaries as part of the regulatory process held their open house where only 15 people at a time were told what Cooke's plans are. Based on the feedback and turnout to the rally it is clear that coastal communities do not want these Fish Farms and this restrictive appearance of consultation. We think this is an election issue for coastal communities and encourage everyone to speak to their candidates to let them know where they stand.

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23 jul 2021

Any politicians thinking these open- pen fish farms are a good idea are a special kind of stupid and we don't need that kind of stupidity in politics. They must say and be very clear on where they stand on this issue. Any politician in favor of these toxic sewers in our bays should and will be voted out! That is the message.

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