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Standing with Nova Scotia-Mi'kma'ki forest protectors

Calling on the Government of Nova Scotia to take action in protection of our province's most valuable ecosystems and most treasured species.

Preserving intact, mature forest supports critical Mainland moose habitat for a dwindling population. Photo by Simon Ryder-Burbidge.


We were disturbed and saddened to learn of the nine arrests made at the forestry blockade near New France in Digby County earlier this week.

While we support livelihoods in the forestry industry in Nova Scotia, we stand with the forest protectors in their efforts to see-through the implementation of the ecological forestry regime put forth by the government-commissioned Lahey Report in 2018. The group put out a Public Service Announcement in the Nova Scotia Advocate last week, encouraging concerned citizens to call on the Province to put a stop to the WestFor cut and to implement the recommendations of the Lahey report, which would significantly reduce clearcuts around Nova Scotia. Their call to action is below:

The NS Government needs to:

  • Implement the Lahey Report

  • Uphold it’s duties to Species at Risk (Mainland moose) as required by Supreme Court – this habitat near New France Digby County is known to be important habitat for the endangered Mainland moose – yet DLF refuses to admit that.

  • They are quick to cut, and destroy, yet slow to implement the measures needed to protect Species at Risk.

  • Implement Sustainable forestry practices immediately!

Ask WestFor to voluntarily suspend the harvests in the Crown Lands near New France, Digby County, since the area should be a proper UNESCO buffer zone.

We must protect the precious few remaining plots of intact and mature forest habitat for the quickly dwindling Mainland moose population, which, much like wild Atlantic salmon in many of the home rivers near us, are nearing extirpation and hanging on by a thread.

Across the province, these are species that cannot sustain further threats to habitat or migration routes, and we must work together to call for an end to this pattern of behaviour within the Government of Nova Scotia.

In the meantime, it is with gratitude that we acknowledge those willing to put their time, their obligations, and sometimes their bodies on the line to protect the precious few natural gems that we still hold dear in Nova Scotia-Mi'kma'ki.

If you are moved by this issues, you can find appropriate contact info for your public representatives here.

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