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To Friends and Supporters of the Healthy Bays Network

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

This is the first of our newsletter updates to keep you in the know on all the important work we're doing right now on behalf of the healthy bays of Nova Scotia.

The mission of the Healthy Bays Network is to protect marine ecosystems and promote sustainable livelihoods in communities across the province. Photo by Simon Ryder-Burbidge.


Many have asked in recent weeks: Precisely what we are up to? The word is out there about the creation of an exciting province wide alliance to resist open net-pens in our coastal waters. Well, today and going forward we will provide you with the full details on a regular basis. No less than six times per year we will send out these newsletters if all goes according to plan. We hope to address your questions and concerns, and keep you well informed in all respects on this vital public issue.

For those who might not be aware, the inaugural Healthy Bays Network media release came out on May 25th, 2020. As of that date we announced to the world (including both levels of government, and potential open net-pen applicants as well) that our group represents a vibrant coalition which stands ready to defend our coastal waters from the dangers of feedlot aquaculture. We are spread all across the beautiful coastal landscapes and seascapes of Nova Scotia; community based and community led.

Founding groups of the Healthy Bays Network include the Twin Bays Coalition, Protect Liverpool Bay Association, the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore and St Mary’s Bay Protectors. These community groups have been further facilitated by the Ecology Action Centre, the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Nova Scotia Salmon Association as we bring communities and vital interest groups together with a common goal: ending open net-pen salmon farming in all respects.

First, we now have (we like to think) a handsome and effective website and a budding communications platform from which to engage our supporters and position ourselves as a voice of leadership in advocating for healthy coastal ecosystems and strong communities along every ragged, rocky shoreline and sandy bay in this province.

Second, we have gone public to both the government and the media with our concerns about the exclusionary nature of the process by which communities and interested parties can make their views known within the regulatory process for net-pen salmon aquaculture. We received substantial media coverage and favourable reaction which you can peruse in detail at our In the News page.

Third, through this period of pandemic, travel restriction and slowed government processes, we have been very actively in "complete preparation mode". We are trying to better understand all aspects from A-Z of open net-pen fish farming and the current regulatory approval process in this province. Healthy Bays Network takes the view that we represent every single port or community facing the threat of feedlot aquaculture, now and going forward. We stand with all those working towards a different vision for Nova Scotian seas. A vision of abundant marine life, thriving wild fisheries and robust coastal communities that anyone would be proud to call home.

And finally, we are already actively looking at innovative possibilities for the future. There are legal, scientific, political, consumer education and youth program opportunities to carefully consider. Healthy Bays Network is in this for the long haul! Please consider this a ‘Shout Out’ to all our terrific supporters.

All of the above is simply an introduction and an invitation for you to follow the important work of the Healthy Bays Network. If this backgrounder is important to you, simply stay tuned, there is lots more information to follow.

In the next newsletter we will advise precisely how your active support and financial donations could be channeled to support our vital work and growing organization.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact us at any time. We thank you sincerely for following along.

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