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Postcards from the Bay: Terry Wilkins teaser

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Terry Wilkins, clammer and songwriter in Digby, speaks to his concerns about the relationship between open net-pen salmon farming, clamming, and the privatization of public ocean spaces. Plus, Terry's original production called "The Clammer".

HBN is launching Postcards from the Bay, a series of video clips from community members across Nova Scotia highlighting their vision and concerns for NS Bays and estuaries as it relates to open net pen aquaculture. This is our teaser series. You can also check out the full video at the Bay Postcards homepage, or through the Healthy Bays Network YouTube channel. We've put the entire Postcard series at both destinations. If these Postcards resonate with you, head to our Take Action page. There, you'll find everything you need to let your voice be heard.

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